December 25th, 2011

Ho ho ho

Yes, it's in the 70s today, making it hard to feel the Christmas spirit...but hard to feel bad about that, either. We BBQ'd (Omaha steaks from the grandparents), and I pottered around rearranging succulents, as one does in LA in the winter (or pretty much any time).

Here is some sad-looking plant matter. I cut the senecio apart to replant (too shady where it was before, and it didn't care for having the hose dragged across it from time to time). Usually I just stick it straight into the ground, but as wet as it is, I'm going to let the stems dry and callous a bit before planting them. The lambs ears I ripped out from under the ficus to replace the senecio. They look terrible now, but I imagine they'll be fine--they're that kind of plant:


And I moved a couple of plants from this bowl and replaced them with others--thought it would balance the colors/shapes better. I'm still not sure it's right--it's a work in progress:


And here's a pic I took just for the heck of it--I replanted the little pink guy here a week or so ago after carelessly breaking the bowl it had been in. It's a favorite of mine.



I'm shutting down the Goth Garden on LJ. I'll continue to keep the page so I can read friends' posts, but I'm just going to post directly on the Goth Garden's FB page from now on (before, I was copying the Goth Garden to FB with RSS). I'm getting tired of deleting the spam comments on LJ, and I imagine those of you who are both friends on FB and on LJ are tired of seeing duplicate posts. Happy Holidays!