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Ho ho ho

Yes, it's in the 70s today, making it hard to feel the Christmas spirit...but hard to feel bad about that, either. We BBQ'd (Omaha steaks from the grandparents), and I pottered around rearranging succulents, as one does in LA in the winter (or pretty much any time).

Here is some sad-looking plant matter. I cut the senecio apart to replant (too shady where it was before, and it didn't care for having the hose dragged across it from time to time). Usually I just stick it straight into the ground, but as wet as it is, I'm going to let the stems dry and callous a bit before planting them. The lambs ears I ripped out from under the ficus to replace the senecio. They look terrible now, but I imagine they'll be fine--they're that kind of plant:


And I moved a couple of plants from this bowl and replaced them with others--thought it would balance the colors/shapes better. I'm still not sure it's right--it's a work in progress:


And here's a pic I took just for the heck of it--I replanted the little pink guy here a week or so ago after carelessly breaking the bowl it had been in. It's a favorite of mine.


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